Ecococon is a company based in Lithuania, manufacturing prefabricated straw/ timber panels to exacting standards. Combined with internal clay plasters (applied directly to straw), the panels provide a healthy, toxin free internal environment that is comfortable in all seasons. With extra layer of woodfibre insulation fitted to the outside, it is relatively easy to achieve passivhaus levels of insulation. Unlike the traditional straw bale building, Ecococon system is very accurate, predictable and consistent – drawings are worked out in milimeters rather than bale sizes 🙂 Further details about the company can be found here.

After months of detailed design coordination, we have finally taken delivery of the wall panels and materials for roof construction, all fitted neatly on two lorries. The straw fairies were present and we’ve been blessed with the warmest day of September. Six of us and a JCB made a relatively quick job of unloading, stacking and covering up all the materials. Starting with assembling this giant house lego next week – cannot wait!



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