Roofing Pt1

Things have been moving at a pace on site. Wet weather at the beginning of the week slowed down the progress somewhat, but come mid week, Mike’s team (Mike, Henry, Bisto, Petras, Liam and part time me) got on to taping all the airtightness membranes (particularly around tricky corners), installed timber wall plates and started with the roof installation. It was critical to do all the taping for airtightness before wall plates were in place, otherwise access would be impossible. The strategy is for airtightness layer to switch from outside (walls) to inside (roof), and this swap happens on top of straw timber panels, below wallplates. Unlike walls, which were pre-fabricated as insulated panels, roof is installed as individual timber I-beams, spanning between glulam wallplates and central glulam ridge beam. These 400mm deep I-beams were pre-cut and reinforced in the Ecococon factory, hugely speeding up the installation process on site. Later on they will be fully insulated with blown cellulose insulation. The south canopy overhang is formed with a combination of Douglas Fir rafters cantilevered over wall plates and smaller, 200mm deep I-beams. A team of four of us had all the beams tacked into place in about two hours and Mike’s apprentice Liam topped the house just after lunch on Thursday. This made a huge transformation to the shell – we can really start to appreciate the feel of internal spaces now.


Roofing Pt1

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