Window delivery

As if the week wasn’t quite packed enough with action, we took delivery of our Smartwin passivhaus windows & doors on Friday. It’s been a bit of a logistical conundrum – due to recent wet weather the artic lorry could not park along the verge near the site, so we offloaded half the windows in a layby and the big sliding doors & main antrance door at the nearest industrial estate with a help of forklift truck. Those triple glazed sliding doors are pretty hefty at 300+ kg!

It was very satisfying to see the sliding door put in place only 9 days after starting the timber frame. All the planning, coordination and detailed design over the past few months has definitely paid off!

Hopefully next week is going to be dry enough to allow us install woodfibre boards on roof and provide the much needed protection for the straw panels.

Window delivery

4 thoughts on “Window delivery

  1. mark says:

    Hi I wondered how you sourced your Smartwin windows? Did you have to liaise directly with the factory or is there a UK agent? Did you consider the Green Building Stores’ products in reaching a decision to go with Smartwin?


    1. Hi Mark. We went directly to the Slovakian supplier. As far as I know there is no UK agent, there used to be one in Ireland covering UK. There are other agents in EU that might be able to supply them. We have looked at GBS as an alternative, they can supply Slavona Progression windows which are very similar to Smartwin, but in the end it was a decision based on particular aesthetics we wanted to achieve. J


      1. mark says:

        Thanks v much for your reply. Do you manage to check how the respective prices compared? Also when you mention the aesthetics I think the Smartwin are finished externally in aluminium whereas the GBS ones are painted wood? Is that right?


  2. I don’t think there was much price difference, but this was more than 2 years ago now. In terms of aesthetics I meant the Smartwin has a fully flush opening sash internally, whereas opening sash on Slavona Progression window projects slightly from the frame. Externally Smartwin only has aluminium on cill and part of jamb & head, front faces are woodfibre insulation. The frames are designed to be fully covered by cladding, as are Slavona windows. Those have GRP cill trim and thermally modified & stained wood on jambs & head. J


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