Roof tin, windows & soggy bottom

Mike’s team have started on the corrugated tin roof installation, this is quite a delicate operation as we are leaving the underside of tin exposed around the edges.

We also started installing the lovely Smartwin windows. It took us nearly all morning to install the first one as there was a lot to go through – pre-taping for airtightness, fixing (using adjustable Essve screws), stuffing the gaps with sheepwool insulation, closing the external reveals with additional woodfibre insulation and finally external taping for windtightness. Eventually, the external timber reveals will fully cover the frames.

During the ‘unwrapping’ of timber/ straw panels we discovered that one piece got wet during the installation. We had a membrane going over this window with a taped joint, unfortunately there must have been a gap in the joint and water leaked down to the cill panel. Water and straw is not a happy combination, so we’ve put some fans on the panel trying to dry it out, but after a couple of weeks we were still getting new green shoots appearing. As we had to prepare the window opening for window installation, I decided to remove the wet straw from this panel. The gap will later be filled with Warmcel and capped off with woodfibre board so we can continue the clay plaster across. This incident was a reminder that straw is an organic material which reacts to humidity, but when this issue arises, it can be dealt with relatively easily.

Roof tin, windows & soggy bottom

5 thoughts on “Roof tin, windows & soggy bottom

  1. Nick says:

    Good evening,

    Your house looks great. We’re just about to embark on a self build and want use black corrugated sheeting for the roof. Where did you get yours from?

    Thanks Nick


  2. William Newby-Robson says:

    Hi, impressed with your project. I am currently converting the outbuildings attached to our Yorkshire farmhouse and our building control inspector says that corrugated metal roofs are not allowed due to the noise issue in rain. Did you find this an issue with your building regs?


    1. William Newby-Robson says:

      OK thanks. Perhaps I’ll go heavy on the roof insulation/soundproofing then. Going to have a go with hempcrete in the walls when weather warmer. Wonder what B/C will make of that !


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