Internal Linings

New Year has come & gone, it now seems like a distant memory. Our focus over the last few weeks has been on internal partitions. In a typical timber framed house this is usually done with gypsum based plasterboard. Standard plasterboard is relatively lightweight and is easy to work with. The downside is that due to its low density, partitions lined with it can often feel flimsy and sound hollow – something my dad would call ‘cardboard walls’. We have decided to improve the acoustic performance and thermal mass of internal walls by installing woodfibre insulation between studs, and by using heavy lining boards.  Fermacell boards are made from recycled gypsum, paper and water and are twice as dense as standard plasterboard. This higher density should help moderate internal temperature peaks and troughs all year round. Another advantage of Fermacell board is its rough surface – it will be an ideal substrate for clay plaster skim layer.

It’s been great to have my brother coming over for a week to help out with the installation. With the linings on, we can now really start to visualise the spaces.

Internal Linings

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