15 months on

Can’t believe it’s been 9 months since I’ve updated the blog – time is flying! We’ve had bitterly cold ‘Beast from the East’ in February and the hottest summer since 1976 (or so Nick Grant says). We finished off timber cladding on the north side of the house and been focusing our efforts on the landscaping: planting new native hedging and soft fruits, building a chicken run and establishing a bit of a lawn. It’s been great to be able to spend time outside, BBQs, parties and just enjoying life. So how has the house coped with these weather extremes? Pleased to say, remarkably well. Of course this statement could be subjective, but the monitoring results (graphs below) confirmed that the house has a very good level of resilience built-in. We’ve been particularly impressed with the comfort during the heatwave, when the internal temperatures peaked at 24C, whilst the outside was 28C. PHPP indicated zero overheating (internal temperatures over 25C), but it was great to confirm this in reality.

With no gas or heating bills we were keen to see what our electricity consumption would be – the first annual statement from the energy supplier confirmed 4,500kWh or approximately 45kWh/m2 – this included all electric appliances, lighting, air source heat pump etc.

We entered the project for Passivhaus Trust Awards and we’re absolutely delighted that we’ve won the Small Projects category against a very stiff competition! Lloyd Alter predicted the winners on Treehugger back in July – amazing prophecy skills. It was fascinating to hear stories of the other shortlisted projects, all very different in character, style, budget and circumstance. More on this is on the Passivhaus Trust website.

We are going to open our home on Saturday 10th November as part of the International Passivhaus Open Days, feel free to book a visit via this website or look at other passivhaus projects in your area on PHT website.

If you’re interested in a more in-depth article covering detailed technical aspects of the house (thanks Kate & Lenny!), head to Issue 27 of Passive House Plus magazine.



Temp graphs.xls






15 months on

8 thoughts on “15 months on

  1. Jeff says:

    Congratulations on achieving your goal! How did you acquire the land? My wife and I are thinking of doing something similar but finding land is problematic, I believe it took you a few years.


  2. I should add we were not in a hurry with the project so this waiting worked fine for us, but there are other ways of speeding up the process: buying a plot with planning permission already secured, or looking at a plot in an area where development is favourable in terms of local planning policy.


  3. Amazing blog, so inspiring and well documented. Thanks for going to the effort for all us aspiring passive house self-builders! After many years of dreaming, my partner and I have found a plot with Part Q permission to convert a barn. Hoping to use Ecococon and get the structure watertight before the planning permission expires in July this year (eeek! 🙂 Cheers! Darren.


  4. Michal says:

    Ahoj Juro,
    Chcem sa Ta spytat ohladom tvojho domu aku mas skusenost s akustickym komfortom pri uzivani zakladovej dosky ako pochôdznej vrstvy, do akej miery prenáša zvuky medzi miestnosťami, napr. samotná chôdza ci ked spadne lyzicka zo stola v dennej zóne ako je to rusive v spalni ?
    Miso z 28.okt TN 😉


    1. Ahoj, vseobecne to nerobi problemy, chodenie nie je pocut v inych miestnostiach. Niekde mame aj koberce/ behune. Ale padnutu lyzicku v kuchyni by sme asi trochu poculi v spalni, beton je akusticky vodivy. J


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